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I was impressed with My French Language Guide tutorial. It was incredibly user friendly. The user has the option to start out with the very basics or choose to advance quicker if you are familiar with the language. You work according to your level. It was easy to understand. The way it is designed with the videos would appeal to both children and adults. I highly recommend these tutorials.

Amy R.

It is a geniuslly what these guys developed. so smart, smooth, logic and fun. they should be rewarde…

Justin A

Overall, I’m happy to have found The French Language Guide.

Cody H

This is a thorough, step-by-step language learning method that gets you into the core right away.

Andy A

Easy to use, clever arrangement of the material in each lesson.

Jon H

Even at 70 I am able to keep up and remember the lessons. Just learned that I can click on a phrase…

Will D

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