Meet Your Instructor

Mike McCafferty

On a very sunny, but crisp, late winter’s day in the small town of Castres, France it finally happened. I stopped a man on a pedestrian street and struck up a conversation… in French. I expressed my thoughts with ease. I wasn’t translating anything in my head anymore, and I understood everything he was saying back to me. I don’t remember the details of our conversation, but that moment was an epiphany. It may seem strange to some, but to me, that day conversing with that man was as much as a rush as jumping out of a plane at 3000 ft. My main objective with this site is to help you feel that same way.

My Story

My name is Mike McCafferty. I am a husband and a father to three children. I have a 9 to 5 job in the financial industry and a house in a quiet suburb of Salt Lake City, Utah. And yes, I am fluent in French, something I never knew I would be.

I don’t consider myself a language expert, but I am passionate about the French language, people, and culture. My guess is that you share this same passion, which led you to My French Language Guide.

I lived in France for two years and have returned several times. France is a spectacular country with treasures to explore in every corner. I hope to show you some hidden gems that many travelers fail to visit simply because they are unaware they exist.

When people ask me what my hobbies are I will sometimes answer simply with “French”. I love to read French books, watch French movies, and listen to Radio France while at work or at home.

My French Language Guide Teaching Method

I am professionally trained in adult learning theory for my full-time job and I love to teach as well. I have taught French to adults through our school district’s community education program for six years, which is where I fine-tuned my teaching methods and course curriculum. I feel very honored that many of my students have come back to my courses for refreshers or the simple camaraderie and fun that we have together.

I have a unique method of teaching French. If you have spent any time on other French sites or classes you may have noticed a strong emphasis on key words, phrases, travel terms etc.. These methods are good in my opinion, and I would never dissuade you from using them, just the opposite. In fact, if you decide to take a journey with me I will encourage you to supplement My French Learning Guide with many other resources.

So what is my method? I focus on key French verbs that will allow you to build a foundation from which you may eventually become fluent. I will teach you how to construct thoughts and feelings, not simply ask where the bathroom is or if you can buy a train ticket. How do I know this method works? In addition to my students’ testimonials, I’m also living proof. You see, this method is what finally turned the switch on for me and gave me the ability to speak with that man on the street on that late winter’s day in Castres so long ago. My life has since been greatly enriched and I wish yours to be as well.

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